We Care a Lot...

We Care a Lot - Faith No More
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... about the support we get from our community.

If you advertise the 'Dance Scene' website, the 'Dance Scene' website will advertise you... It's a symbiotic relationship, it's as simple as that.  Get in touch via the Contacts page.  Here is a list of our current and past supporters: Click on their adverts, see where it takes you...

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Disclaimer - All information presented on this website at the time of insertion is correct to the best of my knowledge.  If you suspect an error, please check before travelling (you can ring or text me on 07592 584383). If you spot an error on the website, please let me know via phone or through the contact tab and I will change it asap, The 'Dance Scene' is a registered company.  All equipment is regulation compliant and has a current PAT certificate. Del

Created by DJ Del in 2017

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