Giving page

Do you have more money than you need?

Could you give to a person/organisation who needs and deserves more?

Please note that we are not a registered charity.  That said, we will donate more than 95% all donations to local charities, sports groups or good causes (which is far more than any national charity).

There has been so many examples of donated money going to 'National Charitable Organisations' that have let themselves and their staff down.  Involved in dodgy activities.

Please consider giving something to those less fortunate than you.

Less than 5% of all donations go towards admin.

This is the maximum/optimum, realistic and workable ratio of donation money

We only give to local charities, sports groups and good causes.

We always get a receipt

We always ensure the money goes to where it is most effective.

We are pledged to keeping all money in the UK.

We are pledged to distributing it to those who need it: The young, the old, the infirm, the unhoused, the abused, those whose lives would benefit massively.


Disclaimer - All information presented on this website at the time of insertion is correct to the best of my knowledge.  If you suspect an error, please check before travelling (you can ring or text me on 07592 584383). If you spot an error on the website, please let me know via phone or through the contact tab and I will change it asap, The 'Dance Scene' is a registered company.  All equipment is regulation compliant and has a current PAT certificate. Del

Created by DJ Del in 2017

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